Did You Know?

The average paper-based private investment*:

  • Kills 1.2 trees, which take 100 years to replace
  • Emits 129 lbs of carbon emissions
  • Denies the world of 2,353 lbs of carbon absorption

Did You Know?

Paper has no place here.

From the day deal documents are drafted and transmitted from a sponsor’s attorneys, through the last report provided to the investor, not one private investment document is ever printed on paper.

Join private issuers, private equity/venture capital firms, hedge funds and administrators, wealth managers/RIAs who are all leveraging our white-labeled, digital infrastructure to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint.

Digitizing Private Investments
What is ESG?

Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) is an evaluation of a firm’s collective conscientiousness for social and environmental factors. It is based upon a number of business practices, activities and policies within a particular organization.

  • Environmental factors involve practices related to such things as deforestation, pollution control and carbon emissions
  • Social factors involve practices around working conditions, diversity, employee opportunity and relations
  • Governance factors involve board structure, executive pay, and related board policies and practices
Are There Notable Private Investment Industry Initiatives Underway?
In addition to licensing our platform to enhance our clients’ ability to eliminate deforestation, minimize their carbon footprint, and optimize their resource usage, BridgePort can assist platform clients with:
  • Obtaining ESG Attestation - SSAE 18
  • Developing respective ESG policies and initiatives for sustainable practices
  • Developing relevant ESG data metrics for reporting and monitoring, and disclosures related thereto 
How Does BridgePort Support Private Investment Sponsors in their ESG Initiatives?
  • Sustainable finance continues to draw attention from regulators, investors and policymakers to prioritize ESG initiatives throughout the financial industry.  There is a view that operationalizing more sustainable business practices will likely lead to greater access to capital, as well as a reduction in risk, and an increase in long-term value*. 
  • The Institutional Limited Partners Association (“ILPA”)**, for example, is working to align both LPs and GPs through resources that will move the industry forward, such as Standards of Practice, LP Education, and Policy Engagement with regulators and policymakers to ensure ESG disclosure standards are calibrated to private markets and supportive of limited partner needs.
How Can I Obtain More Information on ESG?

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Digital or Invisible?

Digital or Invisible?

Digital technology has become essential to effective distribution, and private issuers' fund-raising capability across every investor vertical is notably impeded without it.


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