Privacy Policy

Bridgeport is committed to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of our customers' personal information. In the course providing financial products and services, we collect and maintain certain personal information. This Policy explains what personal information we collect and how we use and share such personal information. It also explains what you can do to limit the use and sharing of your personal information.

We do not disclose personal information about our customers to non-affiliated third parties, except as described below.

What types of information do we collect?

When you apply for a financial product or service, create a user profile account with us, we may collect the following types of information:

  • Information you provide online and on applications or other forms, or through discussions we have with you or your representatives, such as your name, address, social security number, date of birth, income, employment information, investment experience, risk tolerance, and related information;
  • Information about your transactions with or through us, such as your account(s), loan activity, amounts or related information, if applicable;
  • Information about you from consumer reporting agencies and other third parties, such as your credit score- only to the extent we have requested and you have approved the use of such information;
  • Information you provide us about your external financial accounts in order for us to provide you with product and service features;
  • Technical, navigational and other information transferred when visiting our websites or using our mobile applications, such as IP address, device type, and browser type.

In addition, we may compile aggregate, anonymous, or de-identified data from various sources, including but not limited to accounts and transactions. This data, which we may use for our business purposes consistent with applicable law, does not identify individual customers.

When do we disclose personal information and to what types of entities do we disclose personal information?

We may disclose personal information we collect, such as the categories described above, to enhance our products and services, as well as those offered by our service providers, available to you. We may also use and disclose personal information only with your prior consent. If you decide to withhold certain information, it may limit our ability to provide you with the services or products you requested or that may be of interest to you. We do not disclose personal information about former customers to anyone outside of our affiliated companies except as permitted or required by law; to cooperate with regulators and law enforcement authorities.

We may disclose your personal information to the following entities:

  • our affiliated companies, but only to the extent such affiliated companies utilize that information for your benefit;
  • non-affiliated third parties that service, maintain, or process your transactions and accounts (for example, companies that provide administrative, telecommunications, computer, loan execution, payment, and clearing services, and that may prepare and mail account statements and transaction confirmations and other services in connection with the operation of our business);
  • non-affiliated third parties as permitted or required by law, or to cooperate with government agencies or regulators, (including for tax purposes), securities exchanges, self-regulatory bodies and law enforcement officials (for example, for reporting suspicious activity or transactions); • non-affiliated third parties in order to protect against actual or potential fraud or unauthorized transactions, and to protect the security of our records and systems, unless prohibited by law;
  • non-affiliated third parties in order to protect against actual or potential fraud or unauthorized transactions, and to protect the security of our records and systems, unless prohibited by law;
  • non-affiliated third parties at your direction or for which you have provided your express consent (for example, banking or financial institutions and professional service providers);
  • non-affiliated third parties in connection with the proposed or actual financing, insuring, sale, securitization, assignment, or other disposal of all or part of our business or assets (including accounts) for the purposes of evaluating and performing the proposed transaction.

We require that commercial entities (as described above) with which we share your personal information agree to keep your information confidential. We also prohibit those entities from using or disclosing your information except for a limited purpose and to the persons for whom disclosure was intended, or as otherwise permitted or required by law. Service providers to whom we disclose personal information must agree to contractual requirements consistent with our privacy and security policies. We prohibit our service providers from using personal information except for the specific purpose for which we provide to them, and we require them to comply with legal obligations applicable to the personal information at issue.

We may disclose information about your external financial accounts to our affiliated companies to provide you with account aggregation services and for marketing purposes unless you opt-out of such sharing.

We will request your consent before we use or disclose your personal information for a materially different purpose than those set forth in this Policy. Consent may be obtained by any legally sufficient method. For example, depending on the circumstances and applicable laws, consent may be obtained by providing you with notice and the opportunity to opt-out.

How may you limit the sharing of your personal information?

You may limit or "opt-out" of our sharing your personal information with non-affiliated third parties for their marketing purposes. However, because we do not currently share your personal information with any non-affiliated third party in a manner that would trigger this opt-out right, there is no need at this time for you to opt-out or take any other action telling us not to share such information with non-affiliated third parties.

You may also opt-out of our sharing certain personal information (for example, information other than your transactions and experiences with us, such as your credit report) among our affiliated companies. However, because we only share information about your transactions and experiences (for example, account balance, trading activity, loan amount, and account history) with our affiliated companies, there is no need at this time for you to exercise your opt-out right.

Finally, you may also limit certain kinds of marketing from our affiliated companies. You may elect to restrict our affiliated companies from marketing their products or services to you based on information about you that we share with them. Since our affiliated companies engage in such marketing from time to time, we are providing you with the ability to opt-out so that you do not receive these marketing communications in the future. To limit these marketing offers, please contact us by using the mail or telephone contact information provided below.

Your choice to limit marketing offers from our affiliated companies will apply until you tell us otherwise. You may change your opt-out status at any time. For consumers with joint accounts, an opt-out direction by one joint account holder will be treated as applying to all of the associated joint account holders.

How do we protect the confidentiality and security of personal information?

We maintain reasonable physical, administrative, and technical safeguards to protect your personal information. Our employees and third party service providers have access to your personal information only on a "need to know" basis. We conduct our business practices and procedures accordingly in order to protect your personal information.

How can customers access and update or correct their personal information?

As a customer, you may access and update some of your personal information. You may log on to our website using your user name and password and select the information you want to change.

We make reasonable efforts to maintain your personal information in an accurate, complete and up-to-date form. Please contact us if you believe that your personal information is inaccurate, incomplete, or out-of-date. Or, where entitled by applicable law, you may request access to your personal information by sending an e-mail to Please include your first and last name and street address in your request. You may also update your information by calling or writing us using the contact information provided below. We will process your request in compliance with local laws and our policies and procedures. Please note that before we are able to provide you with any information or correct any inaccuracies, we may ask you for additional information to verify your identity.

Under certain circumstances, we may be unable to provide access to all of your personal information. We may deny or restrict access or deny your request to change your personal information for legally permissible reasons, such as where the information contains references to other individuals and is not reasonably severable; where it cannot be disclosed for legal, security, or commercial proprietary reasons; or where we have your personal information in our capacity as a third party administrative record keeper. We will advise you of any reason for denying or restricting an access request to the extent permitted by law, rule, or regulation.

Updates to this Policy

We may update this Policy from time to time, and will review it at least annually. We encourage you to periodically check back to this Policy to learn about updates to our privacy practices.

Notice to California residents

California law requires that we obtain your affirmative consent before we share your non-public personal information with non-affiliated third parties for their own marketing purposes. However, because we do not currently share personal information about you with any non-affiliated third party in a manner that would trigger this requirement, there is no need at this time for us to seek your consent.

To limit the sharing of your personal information

If you wish to opt-out of our sharing your personal information with our affiliated companies for marketing purposes, please contact us by email: